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Online Portfolio
Matthew A. Pierce

This is a collection of work created by Matthew A. Pierce in different design styles.

Web Design

Focused on responsiveness

Utilizing the latest technology I have created responsive websites, landing pages and email blast. Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 , Photoshop, Illustrator and HTML coding packages such as Dreamweaver and NetBeans IDE.


Clean design and focus on detail

Helping client's realize their vision for their print collateral is a strength. Making that vision come to fruition is my passion. Creating corporate branding strategies and marketing standards is key to
one cohesive brand.

General 3D

From concept to realization

Using design packages such as Cinema 4d, Rhino 3D, Modo, Substance Designer, TwinMotion, Chief Architect and ZBrush, aid in the creation of 3D models, product packaging concepts and architectural visualization and animation.

Video / Animation

From Digital to Reality and in between

Creating corporate intros, basic visual effects, CG integration with live action (motion tracking) and photo references, architectural visualization and animation utilizing TwinMotion, Chief Architect, Cinema 4D using Keyshot and Vray, 


“Matthew is not only creative, he is solution oriented. No matter what, he finds a way to get things done.”

“Mathew Pierce delivers! For more than then ten years, I've worked with him on website designs, advertising campaigns and collateral projects of all kinds. He designs, programs, writes, troubleshoots and solves all of the marketing projects I've thrown his way -- even photographed, filmed and edited trade-show videos on tight deadlines.

Mathew is one talented professional who can do it all.”

“Matthew is the keystone. His professionalism, dedication, and talent ties groups together and helps move projects together in harmony. Matthew is able to see the big picture of any project. He has multiple layers of experience and uses this experience to see challenges and opportunities and plan solutions in advance. His communication effectively bridges knowledge gaps and helps build dialogue. This process builds creativity and collaboration rather than dividing departments. He works incredibly with others, but is also responsible for driving his share. It has always been a pleasure and privilege to work with Matthew.”