Helping You Create A Life You Love

I am Dr. Matthew A. Pierce, Life Coach, Business Coach, Reader, Teacher and Psychic, Medium. and Trance Channel.

MY background

Matthew received his Msc.D. from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona AZ in 2023. He has been coaching people from all over the world in having lives that they love. Whether it be coaching people inside their personal lives or in business, Matthew loves to see people succeed.

MY Services

How can I assist you?

Life Coaching

As a life coach, I help individuals identify personal goals, overcome challenges, and make meaningful changes in their lives. I employ various techniques and tools to empower my clients to navigate life's transitions and reach their desired outcomes.

Spiritual Coaching

As a spiritual coach, I provide guidance on an individual's spiritual journey, helping them explore and connect with their inner beliefs, values, and purpose. I help facilitate personal growth, spiritual awakening, and alignment with one's higher self.

Readings / Education

I have been doing psychic readerings for over a decade. I use tools such as Tarot, Oracle Cards, Palmistry, Spirit Communication, and Connections with your Guides and Angels.

Speaker / Teacher

I love sharing my work. It inspires me when I see others inspired and living their best lives. I can speak on a variety of topics inside of Coaching and Metaphysical topics.


Having a Life You Love IS Possible

Sure, we are always going to have those times when our lives have those up and down moments. But, equipped with the right tools, you can overcome the struggles and take yourself into a better place. Whether you are starting a new career, chapter in your life or spiritual path. I am here to assist.

“Dr. Matthew is a compassionate and knowledgable soul. He helped me get through some struggles of starting a new career and helped me see exactly how worthwhile I am. I highly recommend him. He is definitely a coach - he made me get back on the court of life and start playing again.”

Kenneth M.
Multimedia Specialist and Content Creator

Spirituality Is key

Everyone is on their path, sometimes we need a little help seeing what's next.